• The Project is situated approximately 94 km east of Spokane, Washington, 37 miles from Coeur d’Alene,  1.2 km southeast of the mining-friendly town of Smelterville, Idaho and 3.2 km west of Kellogg, Idaho in Shoshone County, which has a population of ~13,000. The Project is located 1 km south of Interstate 90 Highway, including full access to power, water and industrial infrastructure (including fabrication facilities) and a highly experienced underground mining work force.
  • The elevation at the Project ranges from 750 to 1100 metres ASL. 
  • The Project  borders  the historically rich and large Bunker Hill Mine that is located to the east and consolidates for the first time under one operator the western end of the Silver Valley’s mining corridor; includes a top ten producer in the Coeur d’Alene District,  the Page Mine along with five additional historical mines.
  • There is excellent terrain for the construction of mining, milling and tailing facilities and sufficient size to accommodate all aspects of an underground mining operation, including areas for tailings storage, waste disposal and processing plants. 
  • There is one operating flotation mill located within 10 km of the Project and can be purchased and/or leased. 
  • The Project is a four-hour drive to the smelter in Trail, BC to process concentrate.

“Mining is and almost always has been the county’s best known industry. The county’s Silver Valley is one of the nation’s greatest mining regions.”

Shoshone County website, April 29, 2021

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