The Ranger-Page Project was never consolidated within one company early on and was owned periodically by up to five different groups, thereby limiting mining capabilities because of disjointed small scale mining operations. Despite being located between two prolific past producing mines, the Ranger-Page Project has remained unavailable for exploration and development over the past 80 years due to claim boundary issues between Bunker Hill Mining and ASARCO, as well as the subsequent transfer of the property to the EPA and the closure of the area for mining in the late 1970’s.

Historical (1880's)

Mining began in the 1880’s in the area adjoining the Ranger-Page (formerly known as Government Gulch) Project area. The Coeur d’Alene District (incl. the Silver Valley) was the second largest producer of silver in the world, following Potosi in Bolivia.

Crown Point Mine (1886-1940)

The Crown Point Mine on the Ranger-Page property was mined by different groups through this time period.

ASARCO (1916-2009)

1916-1944: Limited production by ASARCO on the eastern ¼ of the Ranger-Page Property, which occurred on the Curlew Vein at the Blackhawk Mine.

2009: ASARCO deeded the Ranger-Page Project to the EPA as part of its settlement with the EPA for the Silver Valley Superfund Cleanup. 

Blackhawk Exploration (2014-2021)

Pursuant to the completion of the Super Fund Cleanup executed by the EPA in the Silver Valley, Blackhawk Exploration LLC purchased the Ranger-Page Project (formerly known as Government Gulch) from the EPA – established trust free and clear of any and all environmental liabilities.

Silver Valley Metals (2021-Present)

Q1 2021: Enters into option agreement with Blackhawk Exploration LLC to acquire 100% interest in the Ranger-Page Project.
Q3 2021: Enters into binding definitive agreement.